Sunday, February 12, 2012

Seen beyond the illusion

" All walking is discovery.
On foot we take the time to see things whole."

( Hal Borland )

" Where there is a will,
there is a way.
If there is a chance in a million that you can do something,
to keep what you want from ending,
do it.
Pry the door open
or, if need be,
wedge your foot in that door
and keep it open."

( Pauline Kael )

" A spirit in my feet said go,
and i went "

( Matthew Brady )

" Think of the magic of that foot,
comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rest.
It's a miracle, and the dance is a celebration of that miracle. "

( Martha Graham )

" After a day's walk
everything has twice its usual value"

( G. M. Trevelyan )

" Have you ever walked barefoot
along a sandy beach,
on the grass in a park
or even your own lawn?
Did you enjoy it?
I bet you did.

" The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering
and a work of art"

( Leonardo Da Vinci )

" I found them uncomfortable,
and after that
i decided to continue running barefoot
because I found it more confortable.
I felt more in touch with what was happening.
I could actually feel the track."

( Zola Budd )

"Walking in the morning takes you
to beautiful places where
light and shade make love"

( Prof. Mohamed Shareef )

"Afraid to get your feet dirty?
Well, duh!
Of course, your feet are gonna get dirty
if you walk barefoot outside your house
but that's part of the fun"

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nel palmo della mano

nel palmo della mano